Hey all, so you’re probably thinking: “Gosh, Nicole is making us do a lot of crap, when am I actually going to make something that someone else is gonna even see?”

Today is that sweet, sweet day my friends. Today we make a shoppable landing page with a free Mailchimp account.

We’re using our Gmail account, we’re using our branding guidelines, we’re using our logo… it’s all starting to come together a little bit, isn’t it?

Bonus Nerd Activity: Install the LastPass browser extension in Google Chrome, you’ll see how it saves Nicole’s butt in today’s video and unnecessary data entry in general.

✅Log into your Gmail account from Day One. Open your branding document from Day Two.
✅Go to Mailchimp.com and make a free account. Save your login info in LastPass!
✅Click “Create” and then “Landing Page”. Use your branding document and logos after selecting a template to customize. You might need some fun stock images or icons to mix in with your own photos. Please make sure you use royalty-free images or license them before you use them on your new landing page. Save everything into your website stuff folder, wherever you’ve put it on your computer.
✅Get your page as close to looking like you want to as possible because tomorrow, we turn on the money machine…

Now this might take awhile so don’t worry about getting it all done if you can’t. We have time tomorrow too! Do what you can because it’s all you can do.