Content Marketing is just a fancy way of saying ‘making something people want for free to get the word out about your business’.

Gary V explains his ‘give away content, let people pay for access’ idea here.

So where your content is going to live determines what is and isn’t possible.

The big question: will this content live on your own website or somewhere else? There isn’t really a wrong answer (see Day Ten).

Today is where we edit what you started and put it somewhere!

✅ Cut your writing way down. If you made a video, edit that down as well.

✅ Use web formatting and assume people are skimming (bold, headlines, bullets). If the thing you are making is being printed off, consider using (you can make a free account) to shorten the links you are sharing so they are easier for people to type.

✅ Consider a graphic, like a feature chart or infographic. (Just Google ‘feature chart example’ or ‘infographic example’ and add your industry to the search if you want to see what I mean. I can’t seem to find a good resource that explains these things well and has examples that don’t look like crap.)

✅Source royalty free images or make your own., and other websites exist for this reason but you can also use your Canva account to make something more graphically pleasing too!

✅ Put your content where you decided to put it on Day Ten. (Put it on third party website or log into your Mailchimp and add your PDF link to the ‘Welcome new subscriber’ email Mailchimp lets you send and put the embed code for the email subscription somewhere on your website).

Yes, the ebook idea is WAY more work. But more reward. Not going to judge you for picking the less work option (like at all) but trying to make those going the ebook route feel a bit better. See you on the Day Twelve side!