When you first start out with something, there is going to be some degree of ‘cold calling’. Think about it: no one knows what you are up to yet – and up until now you could obsess about it in secret.

Today, you are coming out to some of your most supportive people.

✅Make a list of your 30 most supportive friends or family members.
✅Depending on how you normally communicate with them, send them an email, Instagram message, or Facebook message. This might feel pushy but this is just informational.
✅Special bonus: Find 2-3 online accounts that might like what you have to offer and leave a few supportive or helpful comments.

Here’s a template you can modify to your style/idea:

“Hi Janice,

I hope you are doing well with this whole weird world we are living in.

I’m taking an online course and one of my assignments is to tell a few of the most supportive people in my life about the new business I am setting up. I thought of you right away.

I’m YOUR THING HERE. My new website is at DOMAIN NAME. People can subscribe for free email updates there. I also have a Facebook page (LINK) and Instagram account (LINK) I’ve been updating and will keep updating with information ABOUT THE INFO THAT ISN”T JUST YOUR PRODUCT.

No pressure to do anything with this information, I just wanted to tell you what I was up to so when you saw something go by with that business name, you’d know it was me.

Have a great day!”