This is the part where I remind you I am not a lawyer or accountant or anyone important like that and you follow all internet advice, including mine, at your own risk/reward/outcome.

Today’s 20 minutes:

✅ Get EIN number from (it’s free and keeps you from having to put your SSN everywhere – you should get it via email in 15ish minutes but the government is a bit busy at the moment so you might have to wait before moving onto the next green check)
✅ Set up a business bank account (call your local bank or use an internet bank…just remember who was there for us for all those the PPP applications!)
✅ Set up a address – not only will this be your email but we’ll use it for other Google services.
✅ Go to and set up a free account and store your EIN, banking, and Gmail login in there. You will use this a lot and put all your passwords here, mainly so you don’t email me four years from now and ask me. (Kidding. Kind of.)

Easier Life Bonus: Install Wikibuy, Honey, and Rakuten as browser extensions in Google Chrome and you too could get random coupons applied to your online purchases like Nicole saved money in this video!

Big Spender Bonus: Those of you who put aside $100 for this project, this is the first day you are spending money. Today you will spend $10 like the #baller you are. On a domain because you’re technical. (Fun Fact: I almost named my business TechNicole. I know, would have been really fun, huh?)

Big Spender Bonus Tasks:

Go to Namecheap and buy a domain (Full disclosure, I get like $0.30 if you click that link and buy from there. I know, I’m such an exploitiave jerkface.)
✅Save your Namecheap login in LastPass.

Here’s the video where I say these things!