Did you have fun taking pictures yesterday?
Did it feel a little silly to do? Did it take longer than you thought? But was it worth it?

I can say yes to all the above! Today, we’ll make some social media images (using square templates in Canva.com) and inputting them into some scheduling software.

✅Consider using Google Photos with your new Gmail account. Any photo you take on your phone can be automatically uploaded to ‘the cloud’ which is really great (you know, unless you take *those* kind of photos a lot).
✅Take your favorite shots from yesterday and use remove.bg on a few of your favs. Save in your website folder for easy reference!
✅Open up the square templates in Canva and start making your images. Remember if you are going to use these in ads in the future, the images have to have 20% text or less. You can test any images you aren’t sure of with the Text Overlay Tool. Save your new social media images in your website folder.
✅Create an account on Recurpost.com and save your login information in LastPass. Connect your Facebook and Instagram pages.
Add your ten updates into the system with your text and create a sharing schedule.

Tomorrow, we’ll do more with social but for now, you are getting the hang of it. Go you, you social butterfly.