So working on Day 5‘s assignment, I’m sure you got to thinking: what visuals are going to go with this? So today, I ask you to step away from your computer and organize a photoshoot.

✅Take photos of yourself. Be silly, be proud, be cozy. Think of what you are selling and put it into your life. Because if you’re not gonna ‘buy it’, no one is gonna buy it.
✅If you are doing lots of self photography, change locations, outfits and other things besides your face/body, which is pretty unchangeable in between photos. You might notice a certain color photographs weird our outdoor light is flattering.
✅If you involve other humans, get their permission. This will eventually be living on the internet.
✅If you want to style your product a bit, consider creating a ‘flat lay’ or two. This very talented woman does this for a living and has a course (I watched a couple free trainings with her and she is great). Inspo: In short, think fun colored backgrounds (or use things like stick tiles, tablecloths, or other fun items around the house to create texture), styled props, and otherwise how to use your product IRL.
✅Look at other people doing what you do online. What visuals are they using. You’ll have a reaction to whether ideas are good or not, go from there. (Notice if you are seeing videos in your social media feeds how actual product/service shots are cut together with more stock video to make something that looks personal but professional.)
✅ Bonus: Make some short videos you can use for clips.