So I promised you that you wouldn’t have to spend any money doing this. I am going to assume you will at some point take out online ads and if so, this will save you money.

Today, we talk about Facebook Business Manager and Google Adwords. Now Facebook owns Instagram and Google owns Youtube (and other stuff) so don’t let the names of these ad websites fool you, as they are more comprehensive than Facebook ads and Google ‘Adwords’ style ads.

Facebook Ad Data By Industry (Wordstream)

Google Ad Data By Industry (Wordsteam – note: link says 2016 but it was updated much more recently)

We’re covering the idea of:

  • Remarketing Pixels (both FB and Google)
  • Custom Audiences (both) and Lookalike Audiences (Facebook)
  • Affinity and purchase intent (Google)
  • Running ads to get data/information

Happy ad buying! The ‘great’ news of pandemic life? Ads are pretty cheap right now so it’s a good time to be experimenting!