You know who is annoying? People who are only talking to you when they want a transaction. As a person and as a business, we don’t want to be that. So today, we add a bit more to our feeds than just our self promotional crap. (More about this approach from GaryVee in his book “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook.)

✅Create two categories into your Recurpost account that go with what you are selling but don’t sell anything. Reiki person? Maybe you have a ‘Helpful Crystal Tips’ category where you write about different crystals and what properties they have. Accountant? Maybe you have a ‘Small Business Accounting Tips’ where you can give nuggets of money wisdom.
✅Put ten updates into the two categories. Schedule those two categories to post to your Facebook and Instagram pages in Recurpost.

You can also use this platform to root for causes you care about, non-profits you want to champion, etc. Remember this is building a platform and part of that is being able to share that with other people to help THEM out too. Because if you’re going into business, might as well be a good person while we’re at it, right? 🙂

I know, I’m sweeter than you expected, huh? I’m kind of sappy like that. See you tomorrow!