When I was a kid, those ‘choose your own adventure’ books were super popular. I used to try to read all the pages to figure out all the possible combinations. Yup, I wanted to plan and know every possible outcome since I was ten years old. I’m real fun at parties.

So today, you need to pick a path:

Option One: Guest post on a blog site.
Pros: The site already has traffic, it will seem impressive to those who don’t know how it works, you get a back link to your website on a popular domain
Cons: Exposure and name recognition but no guarantee they will come to your site.
Huff Post (You have to pitch them but I guess it’s easy-ish)
Other options

Option Two: Create a downloadable white paper.
Pros: It’s on your site, you can typically get an email address for it.
Cons: You are going to spend WAY more time laying it out.
Canva.com has ebook pages you can combine and export as a PDF.

So Option One is less work but you get ‘less’ concrete stuff from it. So work harder, get more… or dip your toe in the water of content marketing. I’m not here to judge.

Today’s assignment:

✅Think about Option One or Two. You’ll make the actual decision tomorrow.
✅Draft your content idea in Google Drive (or wherever)