(I just realized I am naming these blogs like episodes of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”. Hey, you’re accidentally welcome.)

Now today we try to finish what we started yesterday. I underestimated the ridiculousness of this. I spent 2.5 Designing Women episodes on my landing page and still wasn’t done yet… and I do this for a living.

So your teacher is giving you an extension, or grading on a curve or whatever. Here’s your list today:

✅Check out Nicole’s ‘design hacks’ using Canva and Mailchimp overrides and you make that landing page what you want!
✅Add an email subscription form to your page.
✅Go to Square.com and make an account. You’ll confirm your identity and connect it to your new bank account you made in Day One.
✅Add a product with a price to your landing page. The product will technically live on Square but show up on your page. Fancy!

Tomorrow we’ll put on the finishing touches, like connecting our domain name (for you big spenders who bought one) and ‘launch’ it with the start of some marketing. Fancy!