Hi all,

Thanks for spending 20 days with me. I hope you were able to get something started that excites you and generates you a bit of income.

I will think of this as a place to put resources that don’t fit in with the other categories or are more general but here is what I talk about in the video.

Please leave a comment (somewhere) as you get things set up. I’d love to follow your progress and cheer you on. Seriously.

If you have any questions, please reach out. I do exist outside the internet. If you are reading this in pandemic times, please keep your hope alive and stay safe. And if you are reading this after the storm has blown over, you’re realizing this world has forever been changed… and I hope that gives you some bravery to change the things you want to change.

Best wishes and keep in touch,
Nicole Ouellette
likeoneofyourfrenchgirls.com <— in progress!

Good Resources About Video:


Nicole’s Free Google Analytics Course: https://anchorspace.com/courses/google-analytics/

Best Facebook Ads course ($$$ but worth it): https://fatc.cathowell.com/sales-page-fatc

Free learning about all things Google (Adwords, Analytics, etc.): https://skillshop.withgoogle.com/

Some paid courses by Nicole: https://breakingeveninc.com/online-courses/

Book a one-on-one consult with Nicole: https://calendly.com/breakingeven