I like to make business plans for small kind of bootstrap businesses after I’ve been living with them for a bit… So now might be a good time to plan where you want your business to go in a general way.

The good news is you don’t have to a ridiculous business plan to plan your business. Here are some models I have seen, some of which are just about business and some that are taking into account your business as it fits into your life:

Traditional Business Plan (AKA what people would expect when you applied for a loan- this resource from the SBA)
One Page Business Plan (Lean Canvas)

A more holistic approach:
Mind Movie (I couldn’t find a better thing than what I wrote about it a couple years ago oddly enough!)
A Painted Picture Perfect Future

So today, try the one pager (supposedly it takes 20ish minutes!) and if you have more time, try one of the others. ­čÖé Because when you have a plan, your life just goes better.