So while I wait for my bank account info to arrive, I thought this would be a great thing to do before tomorrow, where we are actually going to be starting to build a *very* simple page that takes a payment.

“Website” is a bit too strong of a word for what’s gonna happen tomorrow but today is all about making a series of ‘good enough’ decisions for a brand identity so we can work quickly and efficiently tomorrow. Because a brand can make you go from looking like a hot mess to looking like a bad a$$ business owner.

Your 20 minute to-do list today:

✅ Make a free account on
✅ Design a square and rectangle version of your logo; export from Canva. Save somewhere where you can find them.
✅ Go to and make a transparent .png file of the square and rectangular version of the logo.
✅ Find 4-5 brand colors you can work with. Think a mix of neutral colors, darker colors, and brighter colors. You’ll want to save the hex codes (the six digit/letter color codes for each color)
Getting The Hex Codes: Option 1: Install a browser extension (like the color picker I am using in the video). Option 2: You can upload an image with an internet tool and let it pick out the color(s) from that image:
Save these hex codes somewhere you can find them.
✅ Pick a headline and body font from among the Google Font choices:
Save these fonts somewhere you can find them.

Looking good! See you tomorrow!